What is an ongoing class?

What are ongoing classes?

  • Ongoing classes will automatically book a child into activities that happen on a recurring schedule. Parents will be able to join any week and cancel anytime.
  • You might already have “regulars” that attend specific sessions of your drop-in classes every week. Now, anyone can become a “regular” with the click of a button—they won’t have to remember to manually book each session, and you’ll have a firmer understanding of your upcoming schedule.
  • The main difference between ongoing classes and semester classes is that an ongoing class enrollment is indefinite and parents are charged weekly, rather than purchasing a set of sessions with a concrete ending date.
  • You can offer different “sections”—i.e. different schedules—of an ongoing class. For example, a user can book your recurring Monday schedule, your recurring Tuesday schedule, or both! Any ongoing class can also be made “drop-in friendly” to let parents book classes one at a time.

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