How is KidPass Live Stage different than my normal classes?

Besides being free, the biggest difference is that we allow up to 200 people to book the class! In general, our biggest recommendation is keeping the kids on mute (and not letting them unmute themselves). However, otherwise, class doesn't have to be that different than when you do it with, say, five kids.

Here are some tips for format:


-The best Live Stages lead kids in an activity while chatting and asking questions at the screen like they can hear the kids.

-You can give participants to give non-verbal cues like "give me a thumbs up if you can hear me!" and use kids' names in encouraging ways like "Let's go, Grace!" even though you can't hear them.

-If you want to have an interactive section of the class, you can unmute kids selectively by hovering over their picture and pressing “unmute.” Let’s say you ask…. “Okay, I need a fruit. Who can raise their hand and give me a fruit?” And then you pick a hand with their hand raised, over over their image, unmute them and hear what they have to say! Just don’t forget to mute them once they’re done speaking.

-If you want to have two (or more) teachers, that works too! You can either just switch off who’s Spotlighted, or—since the kids are on mute—you can stay on Active Speaker view so the screen bounces back and forth between the two teachers.




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