Why should I offer a free class on the KidPass Live Stage? Will it result in more bookings?

-Free exposure! The biggest reason to do a free demo class is because it’s free exposure—our Live Stage classes get the full force of our KidPass marketing behind them and therefore get around 100 bookings each. It’s a great way to meet potential new customers! Each Live Stage performance gets featured in a KidPass email to half a million parents nationwide, gets promoted in our social media, gets a writeup in an article on Mommy Nearest (our sister media site) and gets a dedicated email to all of Mommy Nearest’s parents. That’s a lot of free publicity!

-Parents utilize it to guide their paid bookings. We just did a survey of our parents and more than half said they plan to book a paid version of a class after trying the free version. We often hear that—since they don’t know which classes or teachers will capture their kids’ interests in an online setting—parents use the free classes to gauge their kids’ interest before committing financially! A common refrain in Live Stage reviews is “My kid loved this class so much, he asked when he could go again!” That’s the main goal here. We can’t guarantee it, but I’ve personally watched our partners develop a loyal fanbase based off of their Live Stage performances.

- It’s worked for other partners. Two of our most-booked partners, Music with Corey and Pure Imagination Party Company, weren’t finding much success on our site...until they started hosting Live Stage classes. They each did at least one class a week for several weeks in a row, and each time wooed a brand-new audience of around 150-200 families. Within those groups, they found their loyal customers—now, they’re being booked for birthday parties, weeklong camps and drop-in classes daily! As Music with Corey once said to me, “The free class model works!”

- Bolster your reviews. We often find that once partners get a few good reviews, their bookings (and therefore more good reviews and therefore more bookings) start to exponentially increase. Live Stage classes are a great way to quickly get lots of reviews on our site! Once parents see that you’re kid-tested and parent-approved, they’ll be more prone to book.


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