KPDP Zoom troubleshooting tips

KPDP is designed to be easy for students and teachers to access, but we understand that, as with all technology, issues do sometimes arise. 

We recommend hosting a practice class meeting so you’re fully prepared for your first class. When someone books your class, a Zoom link will automatically be generated and added to your Partner Dashboard. When it's time to start class, you can enter the session directly from your Partner Dashboard. No Zoom account required!

To start your class, follow the steps below:

1. Login into the Partner Dashboard. 
2. Click on the class you'd like to begin. 
3. Click "Start online class." Whoever clicks on this link will automatically be made the host!
4. The class is all set to begin! Members will have the password and be able to join the meeting as soon as you start it.

Please note that if no bookings are made for session, there will be no link generated. If you receive a booking for a class and do not see a Start Online Class link on your dashboard, please let us know immediately at


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