How do I make new online activities on my Partner Dashboard?

Note: if your activity is already in the system and you want to add more sessions of it to your schedule, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Making an online class is largely the same as making an in-person class, but there are a few things we recommend to help maximize success.

To create a NEW activity, follow the steps below (or watch the video above):

  1. Sign into the Partner Dashboard.
  2. Go to the Listings Tab, located on the left side of the page.
  3. Click "Add" in the top right corner.
  4. Choose the location of the new activity (there should just be one option for you, unless you have multiple locations).
  5. Select the type of listing you are trying to make (drop-in versus semester—if you're not sure, check out our FAQ page on the difference!)
  6. Under “Format,” make sure you mark your new activity as an online class! If you are going to be interacting with your students over video conferencing, that counts as an “Online Live” class, not an in-person class. If you are going to be sending students a link to a video you’ve already recorded, that counts as a “Pre-recorded class.”
    • If you select an "Online live class," you'll be presented with a choice: "KidPass Digital Platform with preferred payout" or "Other video platform." 
    • If you're not sure what you are, look back at your contract or email someone at
    • If you select "Other" you'll be instructed to provide details—i.e. "Someone from the Ballet with Megan team will email you a Zoom link before class" or provide the direct link to your existing Zoom meeting.
  7. Under "Title," title your activity whatever you want—but make sure you write “(Online)” at the very end of the title if you have an Online Live class, so parents can be confident that what they’re clicking on is an online class!
    • If you have a Pre-recorded class, be sure to write “(Pre-recorded)” at the end.
    • Example: If you’re Zooming a live ballet class, you might want to title it “Ballet with Miss Megan (Online)”. If you’re sending out a Pre-recorded ballet class, you might want to title it “Ballet with Miss Megan (Pre-recorded)”
  8. The "Activity Description" is your chance to convince parents to sign up for your class. Here are our editors' tips and tricks to make it sound as appealing as possible.
    • Please write your activity description using third person—i.e. don’t say “I”. Since there are so many partners on our site, using your name or activity name as much as possible will help parents differentiate your program from others!
    • The more details, the better! What will kids do in the class? What skills will kids leave the class having learned? 
    • Example: “In this class, Alvin Ailey alum Miss Megan will guide students (ages 3-5) in the basics of ballet poses. Kids will learn plies, how to point their toes and more and leave the class standing taller and feeling more confident and connected to their bodies!”
  9. Under "Category," "Online Classes" should be automatically selected for you.
  10. Next up is photos! Our system will crop your image to 1000x666 pixels automatically, so please upload something that is that size or larger.
    • If you later notice the photo isn't showing up on our site, your image might be too many MB or KB. Adjust and try again!
  11. Press "Next."
  12. Decide whether or not a caretaker will be necessary for the class, and mark accordingly.
  13. Mark your booking cutoff in hours. Note: the minimum booking cutoff time is 1 hour—this helps you have an idea of who is going to be in your class before it starts!
  14. When would you like people to arrive? Note that as host of a Zoom, you'll have the option to have people wait in the virtual "Waiting Room" before you let them in and start your class.
  15. "Additional Details" means you can add in anything you want, but this is also your chance to tell people what they should have ready at the start of class! Pens, paper, Legos, shakers....whatever your class needs.
  16. Enter in how much your activity costs using the XX.XX format (no dollar signs, please!). Our system should know your predetermined payout rate, and it'll show you what you'll get in your pocket per class!
  17. Press Submit.

Now your activity is officially in our system, but there aren't any classes on the calendar yet. It's time to schedule some classes! 

  1. Go to the Schedule tab on the left side of the page.
  2. Click "Add" in the top right corner.
  3. From "Listing" select the newly created activity.
  4. Fill out the requested information.
  5. Click "Schedule".

You can do this every time you want to add more classes of this class. Ex: if your "Ballet with Megan" Tuesday class is such a success that you want to add a Monday session, you don't have to input the activity info all over again—you can just skip to this step.

Congratulations, you're now officially up and running on our KidPass website! To see what the page looks like from the customer's point of view, go to "Schedule," select the activity you want, then in the top right corner under "Manage," select "View as a customer."


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