Why should I use KidPass Digital Platform (KPDP)?

We have built our own video platform, powered by Zoom, for partners to host their classes online. During the onboarding process, our Partner Operations team will walk you through the process to get started, which includes (1) getting your classes listed on KidPass, (2) setting you up with your own KidPass Zoom account, which you will use to host your KidPass Online Classes, and (3) setting you up with a KidPass Partner Dashboard where you can see the history of everyone who has enrolled in your classes. 

For every online class that is set up, we will automatically create a Zoom meeting, which you’ll use as your virtual classroom. You will be able to view and access all of your virtual classrooms using your KidPass Zoom account, and you just need to click into the link as the host when your class starts. 


For parents, after they book your class on KidPass, they will automatically receive the custom link to access the Zoom meeting for that specific class. They simply need to click on that link and join the virtual classroom on Zoom when it is the time of the class.

There are monetary bonuses, as well: our KPDP is a business Zoom account, which gives you extra features on Zoom—for free! Plus, you get our highest-ever payout rate (80%, minus our 5% service fee). This means that more money goes into your pocket! 

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