Is my online class a semester or drop-in?

When you're building a class on KidPass' Partner Dashboard, you're presented with three options: "Drop-in," "Semester," or "Semester & Drop-in." 

  • "Drop-in" is what it sounds like—a class that a student could just "drop into" a class (of the right level) and not feel like they're missing anything. In these classes, teachers give a complete lesson in one go, without a "Next week, we'll learn...." or "Your assignment for next week is...." On your Partner Dashboard, you have tons of flexibility with creating, adjusting and scheduling your drop-in classes and sessions. They will be listed under our "Drop-in" tab on the site.
  • Semesters on KidPass can be any length (though they're usually multiple weeks) and have regularly scheduled sessions—with a lesson plan that lets students build on the knowledge they've learned in previous classes. They will be listed under the "Semesters" tab on the site.

However, since online classes don't run parallel to the traditional school year, students may have scheduling problems. Let's say a child finds your semester class on KidPass and really wants to take it...but it started a week ago. You don't want to lose out on the sale, and they don't want to lose out on learning. There are two things to note here:

  1. No matter what you do, we pro-rate semester classes with each passing week, so a student can jump in late and finish out the rest of the course—without paying for the classes they've missed.
  2. You can let any student "drop-in" to your class for as many sessions as they want by listing it as a "Semester & Drop-in."
    • "Semesters & Drop-ins" means the same class will be listed on both the "Semesters" and "Drop-ins" tabs. Kids can sign onto it for a semester and take your full-length, multi-week course if want, or—if they don't want to commit—they drop into it, a la carte. If your class' content is moderately self-contained per class (there are no large, on-going projects), this might be the option for you.
      • Note: when a student "drops in" to a class that's also a semester, they are dropping into the same class that other kids may have been taking all semester.
      • If you select this option, you might want to take extra care to make the drop-in students feel welcome and help them with background information they've missed each class, just like when you get a new student in (in-person) school.


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