Do I have to pay for KidPass? How much can I earn as a teacher on KidPass Online Classes?

There is no cost to get started as a teacher on KidPass—however, you must apply and be approved to become a teacher and to specifically offer online classes. How much you earn as a teacher depends on the price you charge for your online classes, how much of a discount you want to offer on KidPass, and how many people enroll in your class. 

For all KidPass Online Classes conducted through the KidPass Digital Platform (this includes live online drop-ins and live online semesters), KidPass collects a 25% platform fee from all paid enrollments (this is inclusive of our 20% referral fee and standard 5% service fee).

For online classes not conducted through KPDP (i.e. if you use your own Zoom or have a pre-recorded class), KidPass collects a 45% platform fee (inclusive of our 50% referral fee and standard 5% service fee).

We send monthly payments within the first 15 days of the month for your prior month’s bookings. Payments are sent by check or direct deposit. You will need to pay taxes and report appropriately for any earnings.

Please note that if you are an existing KidPass partner looking to add online classes, the same rates you negotiated previously apply. If you have questions about your payout rate potential, email

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