What is an online camp?

In this era of COVID, a whole new trend of "online camps" has started. If you're interested in the idea but not exactly sure what an online camp is, this article is for you. If you have any more questions, please email partners@kidpass.com


What is an online camp?

  • Think of an online camp as a “pack” of drop-in classes that meet regularly for some duration of time. This could be six classes meeting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for two weeks, or seven classes meeting on Mondays for seven weeks. The choice is yours. 
  • What should your “start” and “end date” be? This summer, there are no rules. There are no official “dates” for camp season—at least on our end. Feel free to figure out what works best for your team and your audience. 
  • We’ll automatically make your new camps available to customers as both a “camp” and a “drop-in.” This means that parents can sign up for one class and decide later if they want to commit to the whole duration of your camp. This increases your camp’s visibility to our members.
  • Camps can have independent activities for each session, or build on each other. Again, the choice is yours. 


Here are a few “case studies”:

  • This Babies Together camp from the 92 Y met once a week from June 2 to July 6.
  • This iCAMP camp ran Monday-Friday from June 15-September 4. Kids could choose between a three-hour morning session or a three-hour afternoon session. Included in each three-hour session were three separate “activities.”
  • Creativities with EEK’s dance camp also ran M-F and had a morning of classes for younger kids and an afternoon of classes for older kids. Unlike iCAMP, each of Creativities with EEK’s “activities” was its own “camp.” This way, kids could sign up for 30 minutes with her every morning doing only, say, “Ballet Technique, Jumps and Turns with Emily” or they could sign up for all five and spend two-and-a-half hours with Emily every week.

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